Duncan Murdoch

NATURE & FOREST THERAPY GUIDE Duncan grew up on the shores of Lake Champlain in rural Vermont where his deep connection to Nature was formed. After receiving Nature & Forest Therapy Guide Certification from the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides and Programs in California, he began his official practice in New York City. He created NYC’s first Shinrin-Yoku trail on Randall’s Island and guided the first Nature Connection groups through the Loch Trail in Central Park. Duncan now lives and works in Burlington Vermont as a member of Vermont Land Trust and as the leading Guide and Founder of Nature Connection Guide.

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Top Ten Forest Bathing Books

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How Forest Bathing Helps Save Forests

The Forests Forests are being depleted at an alarming rate every day.  In my state home state of Vermont where I host forest bathing walks, 1,500 acres of forest are being loss every year [1].  This

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Figure in the Forest

The Forest Bathing Phenomenon

The Rise  There is something truly inspiring and hopeful happening right now that I want to tell you about. A worldwide grass-roots movement is underway that is bringing the healing power of nature t

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